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Wal-Mart is the largest retailer in the United States and, due to their many locations throughout the country, many individuals are injured while visiting Wal-Mart. Many of these injuries occur due to a ‘slip and fall’ accident. Any business that invites individuals onto their premises owes the individuals a duty to keep the individual safe from harm. If the business fails to maintain a safe premise for their customers and a customer is injured, the business can be held liable for the injuries suffered. Continue Reading

Here, in the state of Florida, the sun is shining and the weather is warm basically year-round, making amusement parks and water parks a common attraction here. From Disney World to Busch Gardens, to here in South Florida where there are many water parks such as Rapids in West Palm Beach and amusement parks like Boomers in Boca Raton or the South Florida Fair to pique everyone’s interests. While these types of parks are usually nothing but excitement, there are many hidden dangers that are present at every amusement park. According to Florida law, theme parks owe a duty to their guests to keep the premises safe and, if there are unsafe conditions, the theme park owes a duty to warn their guests of these potentially dangerous situations. The theme park must maintain safe premises for everyone admitted to the theme park. This means the theme park owes a duty to individual who are riding roller coasters or water slides as well as an individual who is simply walking through the theme park. Continue Reading

With the summer upon us, and the majority of schools having let out for the summer months, more and more people will be heading outside to local playgrounds to have a relaxing morning or afternoon. While spending the day at the local park can be enjoyable and allow everyone to get some exercise, unfortunately sometimes these days can turn disastrous very quickly. According to the National Playground Safety Institute, there are over 200,000 children taken to the emergency room every year, due to playground related accidents. Additionally, around 45% of playground accidents are considered to be serious injuries. Some of these serious injuries include: fractured bones, head trauma injuries including concussions, and spinal cord injuries. Lastly, close to 75% of these serious injuries occur on public playgrounds in public parks. Continue Reading

With the sun out and the warm South Florida weather encompassing everyday life, many people are taking to the many beaches and rivers near Stuart, Florida this summer. A popular way to pass time for many people on the water is to ride around on a jet ski. As with all vehicles and vessels, there is always a danger of an accident occurring. Unfortunately, most jet ski accidents are a result of someone being negligent. While these are mainly accidents, they can have some very serious consequences. Some of the main injuries that result from these accidents are: fractured bones, brain or head trauma injuries, back and spinal cord injuries, and potentially drowning and death. Continue Reading

This is almost a trick question. Airbags clearly play a pivotal role in saving someone’s life during a car accident. However, this will only occur if the airbags deploy properly. Airbags can cause injuries such as eye injuries, dental injuries, skin burns, broken bones and, sadly, even death. In the State of Florida, airbags are sometimes deploying unnecessarily due to the extreme heat, humidity and moisture. Some airbag defects are: the airbag failing to deploy, the airbag deploying late, and the airbag being too sensitive and deploying on very low impact. Continue Reading

All-terrain vehicles or ATVs are very common and popular here in the State of Florida. While ATVs can be a practical way to drive around in the woods or other areas, these vehicles can cause some serious injuries. ATVs can travel at speeds over 60 miles per hour and they weigh over 600 pounds. According to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, from 1982-2011, there was over 480 deaths due to ATV accidents. If every individual, who drove an ATV, would take the appropriate safety precautions, the number of deaths reported would decrease at a substantial rate. Continue Reading

The time after being involved in an accident is vital to your health. Many times, an individual will not receive medical treatment because they do not notice any symptoms, they do not have the time to see a doctor, or simply they do not want to see a doctor. However, failing to get checked out by a doctor after an accident is a bad idea. Continue Reading

With the warm days of spring upon us and summer right around the corner, spending the day around the swimming pool will soon be a regular occurrence. Unfortunately, swimming pool injuries occur far too often, and, sadly, there are many deaths per year involving pools. In a recent study completed by the Center for Disease Control, children ages 1-4 were at the greatest risk of injury due to swimming pools. Additionally, males were more likely to suffer pool related injuries as compared to females. The state of Florida has one of the highest fatality rates in all of the United States. Continue Reading

Riding a motorcycle can be lots of fun and bring a great adrenaline rush. However, the very allure of motorcycles, not being caged into the passenger compartment of a vehicle, makes motorcycles inherently more dangerous than cars. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 82,000 motorcyclists suffered injury due to an accident in 2013. Even more alarming for motorcyclists, according to the Governors Highway Safety Association fatal motorcycle accidents are on the rise resulting in nearly 5,000 deaths this past year. Further, 1 in 10 fatal accidents in the United States involves a motorcyclist. Florida ranked third in the country with 287 motorcyclist fatalities in 2012.

Below are some safety tips when you are riding your motorcycle: Continue Reading

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